Peter Clark

3 January 2023

Viewer Personalizations


Impress viewers by going the extra mile by personalising Journeys for them — you're now able to insert the viewers logo dynamically into Journeys.

Journeys are high value assets — they look and feel awesome and we want to make sure that viewers know that you've gone the extra mile. In our testing, showing a little "flair" with personalizations like viewer logo, makes the viewer sit up in their chair and pay attention. It's the online equivalent of remembering someone's name.

How it works

When creating a Journey, you can now specify a company domain when creating a link. We'll automagically find the logo for that domain and use it where relevant within that Journey. Over time we hope to invest more into such personalizations — ensuring maximum wow factor for efficient creation energy.

You can use viewer personalizations today from the Share panel of the Journey Editor.