• Don’t just show your story, tell it - with Journey

    Win more deals by sending a choose your own adventure presentation.

    Combine videos, slides, text and embeds from your favorite tools in one delightful experience.

  • We believe the best told story wins

    We help you impress audiences with a delightfully interactive presentation. Journeys can contain all sorts of content - videos, slides, PDFs, interactive stuff - with the goal of grabbing and impressing the reader.

    The internet is a busy place and Journey helps you stand out!

  • Journey is used by storytellers of all kinds

    Everyone tells stories and as such, anyone can use Journey! We’d had:

    - 500+ founders raise tens of millions of dollars
    - 100+ sales teams win new business and renew existing

  • People love to receive Journeys

    Stories are more than words, how you deliver those words matter too — people. love. viewing. Journeys! They’re fun, interactive and the choose your own adventure nature is quite addictive.


Hi. I’m Peter, the founder here at Journey. What you’re looking at here is a Journey - this is what you could make using your content.

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We have an awesome free tier that lets you create up to 5 Journeys, and then you can pay for Journey Pro that gives you unlimited Journeys and a ton of advanced features and customizations.

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