Using AI in sales prospecting with Bound

Using AI in sales prospecting with Bound

I've been in the cold emailing game since 2009 when I was a hybrid SDR/AE at my first startup. I thought I was going to be a billionaire from my stock options there, but that is another story for another time :)

Since my first sales job, I've always been fascinated with the latest techniques on how to engage strangers with a compelling value proposition to get them to take an action via email. I even recently took Shaan's "Power Writing" course as a refresher (highly recommend).

In 2009, I didn't have sales engagement platforms like Outreach, Salesloft, and PersistIQ which have turned the automation of outbound prospecting and sequencing on its head, but candidly the messages from those platforms feel robotic and spammy (Hi {First_Name}). Those platforms allow everyone to play the numbers game, but the quality has taken a big hit, hence why email filters like Gated will be huge - higher quotas --> more sdrs --> more email sequences --> more spam

However, when I met Leon and saw what he was building at Bound - I was immediately intrigued at how the power of AI & GPT-3 could impact sales messaging positively to drive outcomes for salespeople. Bound takes interest data from your prospect's Linkedin profile and then combines a unique value proposition for that prospect with the stage of your outreach (1st touch, follow up, etc) to create an highly engaging, personalized message for the prospect via Linkedin DM.

The proof is in the pudding and sellers are booking more meetings with Bound as a result of the personalization while spending less time crafting messages, in turn creating more leverage for these people to focus on higher value work directly with customers and prospects.

I am biased, but when you combine powerful messaging (Bound) with more tactile context (Journey), you not only can connect with prospect on a deeper level, but give them more to consume on their own time.

For anyone interested in learning more, Bound is putting on a free crash course to master the art of outbound, check it out in the Journey below:


Brendan Weitz

Brendan is the co-founder of Journey and previously worked at companies like Quora, AdRoll, and Facebook. He enjoys 16 hour plane rides and misses living in Tokyo.

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