The new standard for fundraising

The new standard for fundraising

Journey was conceived, built, and funded all while we were mid pandemic in late 2020/early 2021.

Jason Calacanis recently tweeted that the new standard for fundraising was "LZR" or "Loom, Zoom, Room"

I agree with Jason in that one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that the future will be more async and that's a net positive for investors and entrepreneurs.

Investors can see more deals and entrepreneurs can have more at-bats. However, I think the real story is entrepreneurs have more available mediums to tell their story.  Gone are the days of relying on a static pitch deck + live pitch.

Perhaps your story as a founder is best as a Loom voiceover on a Notion document with a Typeform to gather feedback/questions.  Boom, that's your pitch deck.

Perhaps it's an audio pitch from Spotify on top of your keynote presentation with a Vimeo product demo video and customer testimonial videos from Youtube.  Boom, that's your pitch deck.

Perhaps it's a few Figma and Airtable links after a quick intro video.  Boom, that's your pitch deck.

Perhaps it's the same few pieces of content - google slides, YouTube video, notion document- but the intro video is different for every investor.  Boom, that's your pitch deck.

Sahil from Gumroad used a Zoom video, a Clubhouse recording, a Google slide deck, a live Google sheet, and link to invest via Republic.  He raised $5MM in a few days.

We're not all Sahil, but the standard for fundraising is that it will be more async and we're excited to play a role in facilitating this movement at Journey by allowing founders to package up their story across any content type to help them best tell their story and get funded.

Hopefully soon we'll have 1-click invest options from Journeys via Angel List, Republic, and Allocations!


Brendan Weitz

Brendan is the co-founder of Journey and previously worked at companies like Quora, AdRoll, and Facebook. He enjoys 16 hour plane rides and misses living in Tokyo.

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