Retool Redone

Retool Redone

We use and love Retool. Unsurprisingly Retool has a lot of instrumentation of their application which leads to a lot of customer touchpoints. Lets see if Journey can enhance them.

Retool makes building internal tools remarkably fast. Retool is an awesome product and they've unsurprisingly grown like a weed.

In fact, we use Retool as our admin dashboards:

In fact in fact, Retool were the first company we reached out to about alpha testing Journey since we love their product and think so highly of what they're doing and how they're doing it.

It's become a bit of an obsession of ours to build around Retool and figure out more and more possible use cases for Journey within Retool — a great example of this is customer onboarding!

This is what Retool sends you when you sign up:

It's a reasonable email! But....

... there are ten legitimate links! And a video. And a calendar booking link at the very bottom. In some ways this makes sense, since when a user signs up for a product you're not quite sure what they want to know — do they want to see components? learn about data connections? talk to someone?

We think a Journey in this email would be so damn nifty:

To unpack, we've bundled a whole bunch of the links in the email into one Journey, and added a guidance steps like "Connect a Data Source." We've ended this Journey with a link to the Retool calendar to book a demo, which is a chillipiper link.

You can see this Journey in the flesh here, and of course you should use Retool!


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