Product-led hype and the 5 best things this week

Product-led hype and the 5 best things this week

It's Friday and it's been a long week of Journey-ing, so I'm gifting everyone with a collection of the best stuff I read this week on product led hype...I mean growth...I mean sales.

1. Endgame announced a monstrous $17MM round led by Menlo Ventures. Seems like another very solid team in this space with some fresh powder!

2. How many MBA's have hit you up about getting into startups, but not wanting to be in Sales?  What new roles will spring up in a PLG world?  Our friends at Variance write a good blog here:

3. How should product collaborate with sales in PLG companies?  Correlated has a fresh new website and pumped out some solid content below.

4. OpenView is the "OG PLG VC" and Blake Bartlett's PLG 123 is a short vlog that owns the Linkedin algorithm (for me at least).  This episode may not be PLG necessarily, but who doesn't need to know about the genius that is

5. I ran out of stuff, but Journey is hiring for a Founding Product Designer. Help us fuel product led sales by re-thinking how we distribute and consume information, somewhere in between a Powerpoint and a video game.

More information in the Journey below from @plc :


Brendan Weitz

Brendan is the co-founder of Journey and previously worked at companies like Quora, AdRoll, and Facebook. He enjoys 16 hour plane rides and misses living in Tokyo.

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