Making Mighty Mightier

Making Mighty Mightier

Mighty is an exciting new invite only web browser from Suhail, the previous founder of MixPanel, it's also an opportunity to go wild with Journey...

The Mighty homepage is stunning. But those dual CTAs have always kind of irked me — since Mighty is invite only, it makes sense to have a waitlist, but still.....:

Everyone should experience the amazing Mighty explainer video produced by Sandwich but it's kind of hidden behind a small play button next to a glowing "Request Access" button.

If only there was a way to combine the Mighty Typeform with the Mighty YouTube explainer...

Enter Journey!

With this Journey I am keeping it super simple. I don't want to distract from the CTA — watch the video and then request an invite!

We've been able to leverage the Journey custom branding feature to make this Journey look awesome. This Journey can also easily be embedded in a lightbox on the Mighty homepage, so that it opens on button click and can easily be dismissed to further browse the Mighty site. If you're curious what this looks like, you can see it on our Journey homepage.

Journey makes combining the Mighty typeform and Mighty YouTube video in one embeddable experience super easy — it's maybe my favourite Journey selling in public post yet!

View the Mighty Journey here — and join their waitlist!


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