Making demo follow-ups more efficient for AEs and better for buyers

Making demo follow-ups more efficient for AEs and better for buyers

Every Account Executive working for a software company is responsible for a demo in some way, shape, or form.  If the product is less technical, perhaps the AE owns the demo end-to-end.  If it's more technical or an enterprise sell with multiple teams needed for buy-in, perhaps a sales engineer owns the demo. Regardless, 100% of the time, there is a follow up to prospects after the live demo which is owned by the AE quarterbacking the deal to close.

After speaking to 100s of Account Executives, the follow up typically consists of a long email with bullets, demo videos, call recording links, and case study attachments. While this has worked since the beginning of time, the problem is that everyone is overloaded with email, things get buried, and everything is static (lives on forever).

Real follow-up email with 9 bullets, 9 links, and 2 attachments from $XXb software co

When a deal needs multiple people for buy-in, it's tough to wrangle cats over email with forwarding especially when things change quickly and content goes stale. It's even harder to wrangle a live Zoom call with lots of stakeholders. This is some of the catalyst for building Journey as we thought we could help equip AEs with a tool to fuel asynchronous selling. By providing AEs with the ability to create a personalized deal room for their buying committee effectively moving the long emails, many links, and attachments into one space.  This can be updated over time and provides all stakeholders with one destination for every piece of content as long as the relationship persists (pre-sales, post-sales, onboarding, etc).

What we also found in our conversations with AEs at software companies is that they almost always include some version of an async demo in their follow up - Loom screen recording, Zoom recording, Gong recording, or a Youtube video from marketing.  For those deep in the sales tech game, you probably have noticed VC's circling the "demo creation" category in the past year with over $50MM in fundraises for these companies.  Story-telling is one of the key aspects here as AEs are crafting stories across the board and in a product-first world, the product has to be presented in a story that's personalized and engaging for the buyer(s). Enter interactive demo creation software.

This is where Journey comes in partnering with companies in the interactive demo space, like Navattic. Navattic allows companies to create interactive demo instances of their product that can allow prospects to try the product and move the sales cycle along without a million sales or sdr calls fueling product led growth and increased demo conversion for software companies.

How would this help an AE?

Let's say you're an AE for Hubspot following up with a large client with a video message, marketing video, a demo, a case study, and your calendar.  Prior to Journey or Navattic, this would likely be a long email with 3-4 links and an attachment or two with a demo that's pre-recorded and not interactive.  OK, but not great.

Here's what that follow up looks like with Journey distributed as 1 link via email, which includes a Navattic interactive product demo in step 2.  This journey can be easily shared by the champion inside of their organization while the AE has access to who's viewing/accessing the journey to inform their follow up priorities:

Hey Brendan,

Thanks for the call. Here you'll find a journey which includes all follow up items - video, an interactive demo, case studies, implementation plan/next steps, and my calendar to set our next meeting.

The journey above can be shared in email like the example or in a slack/teams channel or wherever your customers work!

If interested in leveraging your interactive demos inside of Journey, we created a template inside of Journey to make this super simple to get started.  

If you're interested in learning more about interactive demo creation, reach out to our friends at Navattic to learn more.  

We'd love to hear thoughts on how we can make demo follow ups or any follow up better, feel free to reach out to me anytime with your thoughts -


Brendan Weitz

Brendan is the co-founder of Journey and previously worked at companies like Quora, AdRoll, and Facebook. He enjoys 16 hour plane rides and misses living in Tokyo.

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