MagicBell Makeover

MagicBell Makeover

Magicbell is a wonderful SaaS product that helps developers integrate notifications — let's makeover their welcome email!

We were fortunate enough to go through Y Combinator alongside Magicbell. Magicbell, in its own words, is a plug and play notification service.

When you share a Pitch or Loom and you get that in-app notification that says someone has viewed it?? That is what Magicbell powers (they do actually power Pitch too!)

As much as we love Hana and Magicbell, when you signup for the service we don't think the resources email is too inspiring:

Magicbell has amazing capabilities, how can we better empower new users to find and discover all of them? With a Journey, of course!

When we think about the anatomy of a Journey in this scenario, we want to make sure that the recipient has the best possible experience when they enter the Journey. What does the best possible experience mean in this context — it's a warm welcome that very quickly reveals the content you care about.

We deconstructed the resources email and then re-constructed it as a Journey that introduces all of Magicbells capabilities, and allows inline booking of an onboarding session, and we sprinkled in some slides to properly tell the story of Magicbell to it's new users. We also loved that Pitch uses Magicbell and now Magicbell uses Pitch to tell it's story.

Without further ado, we present our first "selling in public" Journey, a Magicbell resources guide. You can view a screenshot below ... but also experience it for yourself here!

The power of this Journey is that Hana and team can now simplify their welcome email — they do not need to have eight links and five bullet points, they can simply link into this Journey and allow the recipient to have an awesome experience.

We hope that this "selling in public" post makes sense, and btw you should use Magicbell or read more about them on Techcrunch.


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