Journeys are interactive explainer videos

Journeys are interactive explainer videos

I've always loved watching explainer videos — but as a creator, boy are they hard to build! Journey is trying to fix that.

Being a bit of a product marketing nerd, I've always enjoyed watching explainer videos. As an example of an explainer video, here is one for Webflow:

It's wonderful! It also cost $250k. Video is one of those things where cheap videos just don't resonate or feel good, it's like watching a low budget movie.

With Journey, we saw the rise of people becoming increasingly comfortable simply recording themselves talking into their camera and wanted to see if the time was ready for "less polished but more relevant and more authentic" product marketing. What if we could harness your webcam to integrate video alongside other content assets to create some kind of 'interactive explainer video' which can be produced in minutes and with a budget of $0.

We're not near the polish of the above Webflow video, but we're excited about Journey because Journeys can have some fundamental improvements over a video:

  • We can let the user engage with content (such as clicking through slides, or booking time via a calendar)
  • We can adjust Journeys on the fly for the recipient (such as having a personalised intro video)
  • ... they can be produced much much much much faster.

Even the simplest explainer video takes weeks to produce — we believe that Journeys can become a highly compelling replacement! Don't take my word for it, here is an example.


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