How we update our CRM with Polytomic

How we update our CRM with Polytomic

I've written previously about how we update Hubspot (our CRM of choice) with Zapier. As we scaled Journey however, we ran into repeated issues:

  • Zapier gets very expensive when you need to filter 90%+ of events
  • The Hubspot - Zapier integration has instability with creating deals
  • And most importantly, the lack of persistence within Zapier makes it very challenging to create a new deal and know which company to link it to.

We started exploring better solutions — I was aware of Census but given Journey is a very early stage startup, we didn't have an appropriate data warehouse solution yet. We then stumbled upon Polytomic.

Polytomic is a bit like Zapier on steroids — you can write SQL, create joins across all sorts of data sets, and then sync that data elsewhere.

Polytomic allows you to create data models which are essentially SQL queries:

... that output as tables that update on the fly, so for example the above query will output a list of how much content each individual organisation has created.

You can then sync this data to Hubspot:

What Polytomic will do is take the Organisation slug (because this slug is unique, we use it as our organisation identifier) and then search Hubspot for companies that have that name. If one exists, it then syncs the "Count" field to a custom Hubspot property (content_created_sum) — if that company does not exist, it'll create a new company for that record.

You can then configure Polytomic to run this query every hour or every day to ensure everything syncs on the fly.


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