How Latitud stands out in a sea of rolling funds

How Latitud stands out in a sea of rolling funds

There's now been over $100MM raised via Journey across over 100 companies/funds and we see a new fundraise launch every few days at Journey.

Our friends at Decibel (who are changing the game in audio advertising) referred to the Journey platform as a "Super Deck" that allows founders to tell their story in their own way across lots of content while keeping the experience cohesive in one page.

While Angel List has been on a tear, the venture market in LATAM has been absolutely bonkers as deal activity has tripled YoY and I've gotten questions from angel investors every month around the best ways to get exposure to LATAM companies.

I came across Latitud in speaking with a few founders from the YC & On Deck communities and my ears immediately perked up. They are like On Deck + YC + Angel List for LatAm.  

They run a fellowship that's equity-free for early-stage founders across the region. It includes a rigorous admissions process to find top talent and the Latitud community is supported by impressive mentors (founders and operators in Latin America + Silicon Valley).  Their last cohort had over 75 startups from Latin America!

When I learned more about their approach to cultivating entrepreneurs at the earliest stages to achieve success, I knew they'd be an early adopter of a new storytelling platform like Journey.  

Since Journey has been supporting more GPs from funds, I get asked a lot from investors how to choose which rolling funds to invest in and the short answer is always, "Do you know the GP?"

I always wondered how, unless you know the people, one would pick a rolling fund to invest in.  If you visit this page - EVERY ONE LOOKS THE SAME - accomplished, good network, good deal flow, and boring docsend PDF that shows markups + exits.

In a remote, asynchronous world, especially in fundraising - you have to to stand out and Latitud does just that. Most LPs are committing without ever meeting the GP (in person or even a call!) so why not go the extra mile for LPs?

You can see in the Journey below, the Latitud team takes the time to stand out with LPs by including different types of content so the LP can choose what they'd like to consume in a "choose their own adventure" style presentation including:

-Personal video message for the GP
-Short Q3 update deck
-Longer Q3 analytics deck
-Short memo
-Invest button to commit on Angel List
-GP's Calendar for LPs
-Latitud Ventures calendar for founders

For everyone that has asked me for exposure in LATAM, look no further than Latitud's Rolling Fund and for my friends in LATAM building things - meet the team there! I've embedded a recent Linkedin Live from the GP below.

As the Latitud team would say, Vamos LATAM!


Brendan Weitz

Brendan is the co-founder of Journey and previously worked at companies like Quora, AdRoll, and Facebook. He enjoys 16 hour plane rides and misses living in Tokyo.

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