Customer Onboarding like Superhuman

Customer Onboarding like Superhuman

How to do Customer Onboarding like Superhuman

Customer onboarding is the process through which the customers start their relationship with your products and services. This is a key step that sets the tone for the customer’s long-term relationship with your brand. But what has that got to do with an email management tool likeSuperhuman?


The fact is the manner in which Superhuman handles customer management can be an eye-opener for any Customer Success Manager (CSM).

So, let’s take a closer look and found out how you can use the Superhuman experience for better customer management.

What is Customer Onboarding?

Once you have created a top-quality product, you have done a great job, but only part of the job. Now, all you need to do is provide the best experience for the customer by hand-holding during the initial stage of their journey.


The target is to establish a pattern of usage for the products and with time this will turn into making the product indispensable for the user. By that time, your customers should be certain that they have made the right choice and are maximizing value.


By delivering a positive customer experience you will be able to make the customers come back to the product and focus in user retention.


The process of customer onboarding has multiple stages. Usually, it starts with the sign-up and the welcome email, then it can guide the customers through a setup process and introduce them to the features of the product.


The next stage can be an interactive walk-through that tells them how to make the best use of the product. In addition, there should be a support section to answer their queries and clear any doubts. Finally, there should be a periodic check-in process to enquire if they are able to use the product effectively.


The Superhuman Onboarding Method

Superhuman is not an ordinary paid email client that is designed to help you get rid of your email hassles. It delivers a wholesome customer experience that is sure to make a positive impact on the customers from the very first interaction with the brand.


What’s more, Superhuman has also managed to find the right balance between fun and value addition in their customer onboarding process.


Let’s go through the best features of the Superhuman onboarding process to help you understand.

A Positive Onboarding Experience

To start with Superhuman, you are invited to a Zoom session with one ofSuperman’s onboarding specialists. The session is conducted one-to-one and the energy and positivity of the specialist is something that never fails to impress customers. In fact, customers consider these 30-minute sessions a fruitful investment of their time.


Each Superhuman specialist ensures that they do their best to create a genuine connection with the customer while walking them through the product. It is not a run-of-the-mill call from a customer service specialist. It is an effort to deliver a personalized experience to the customers.


The truth is, first impressions are always important in building a great relationship with the customers. From the tone of voice to the attitude of the spokesperson, everything counts when it comes to delivering a pleasant experience. And Superhuman has set the bar high enough to provide a goal for the other brands.

Teaching With Care

One thing that the onboarding specialists from Superhuman do is make the customers use the tool in front of them. This is not a flat demonstration of the features of the tool and its top features. They are genuinely interested in helping the customers learn about how to make the best use of it.


Superhuman also uses a method that turns learning into a game. This not only makes the session an interactive and fun experience but also makes a positive impression on the customer. In reality, customers prefer to deal with brands that genuinely care about them. This tells them that the brand is not there just to sell a product.


For the brand, this interaction also helps them to understand the buyer persona and their pain points. This data will help in creating better customer experiences in the future.


Proper Nurturing

Once the onboarding process is over, users get daily emails from Superhuman CEO Rahul Vohra. These mails contain tips and tricks that help users to make the best use of the tool. The tips are well-research carefully chosen to address specific customer issues. Moreover, coming from the CEO, they deliver an impression that the brand cares about their customers.


What’s more, Superhuman delivers targeted content and not irrelevant information to the customers. In the age of spam and ever-shortening attention spans, customers are looking for material that is useful to them. This helps to make customer engagement more effective.


Effective customer nurturing is an important step in the post-purchase phase of the product journey. When done right it improves the trustworthiness of the brand as it offers proper guidance to the customers. This will help to develop long-term customer relationships.


And the best part is, the entire process can be automated without requiring any manual effort. Also, by tracking the email metrics, the ROI on the nurturing process can be effectively determined.


Final Thoughts

Obviously, customer onboarding is a diverse process and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. The exact methodology will be unique for every brand and will depend on a variety of factors.


The success of the process depends on using the tried and tested strategies in the best possible manner for your business. However, not all brands will estimate onboarding success in the same manner.


Even so, there are some aspects that are common for each brand. Look closer at the merits of the Superhuman process, and you will note that they have focused on the fundamentals of customer onboarding.


At the same time, they have developed an intimate knowledge about their customer base. This is what makes their onboarding process a big success.


Do you think your CSM can use some of these ideas to refresh your customer onboarding process?



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