3 interesting links in PLG this week

3 interesting links in PLG this week

Hope everyone had a good week - here are 3 links worth reading on PLG that I wanted to share.

Zachary Dewitt's Notorious PLG substack does a great job highlighting an interesting PLG startup, recent financing in the ecosystem, and my favorite is at the end where he showcases PLG performance in the public markets.


James Gross from Variance writes a great piece that breaks down the evolution of the sales motion in a PLG world tying in Newton's three laws of motion.


Jorge Soto of Reprise breaks down Typeform's (one of my favorite companies) PLG approach on the Reprise blog.  In general, this blog cranks quality content across the site and vlog, check it out.


Did you read anything interesting in PLG this week?  Let me know about it - brendan@journey.io!


Brendan Weitz

Brendan is the co-founder of Journey and previously worked at companies like Quora, AdRoll, and Facebook. He enjoys 16 hour plane rides and misses living in Tokyo.

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